Our Story


Come, feel the heartbeat of mother earth, hear the pulse of nature, you too are Liveloula.


The Egg

Liveloula was born out of two people’s dream to step out of the stressful western city life and root back into nature. We are Chenny and Steven and we enjoy simplicity and living a life with a positive impact on our environment while working in tune with nature and its rhythm.
For almost 10 years now we have been steadily realizing that dream, turning an abandoned field, with overgrazed soil, into a wonderful labyrinth of lush permaculture gardens and food forest.  With the help of a constant stream of volunteers, friends and family, we built a homestead, a haven for both wild and domesticated animals. We revitalized our soil and created areas to relax from where you can discover the surrounding nature.

All our food is delicious, healthy and most of it is grown in our own fields.

We see this first stage in the project as Liveloula’s larval state, were we have taken our time to learn and grow strong. We were constantly researching, building up experience, receiving feedback from both people and our surrounding nature, making mistakes, correcting them. Now, we are ready to fly high…

Spreading Our Wings

Liveloula is breaking out of its cocoon! We will dry our brand new wings in the winds of change, ready to go on a first flight.

Liveloula is now fully equipped to share knowledge with others. We want to let everyone experience what it feels like to gear down, reconnect with mother nature and feel the abundance that can be found within simplicity.

You are welcome to join our workshops on natural building, improving soil and many more to come.

Or join us as a guest in our luxurious Yurt. Breathe fresh air, eat pure healthy food and feel nature.