Our Mission


Regenerating landscapes, building soils and creating a strong network of people with a wish to improve the way we walk the earth. That is our mission.


Why Are We Here?


In our second phase, with our wings spread wide, we are reaching out to more people. We want to connect with likeminded projects and to create a strong network of people with the same spirit. We believe that now is the time for humanity to slow down, reconnect with nature and find balance. Liveloula is the place that will give you inspiration and motivation.

100% Organic

We want to inspire and educate people to live a more natural lifestyle. Liveloula is a meeting point where those people can connect, share ideas and experience our story.

Sustainable Living

We vow that, with the means of our organisation, we will continue to free up  land from local farmers, reducing farmland mismanagement. We will restore natural diversity, resilience and nurture living healthy soils. We vow to return lands into carefully designed food forests and we will build a strong team of trained and inspired members taking care of the land. We understand that it is difficult for everyone to leave the cities and to return to nature. It is however quite possible for all of us to still be a part of the change. 


Be The Change You Want To See In This World.


A change may be small, but it will inspire the next small change, and the next.  We will be here to help with that, offering information on what changes you can make at home. By becoming a member, you will receive a quarterly newsletter, with updates and stories of the work realised at Liveloula, pictures, video’s and loads of useful information on what you can do to reduce your impact on the planet. We will also create a platform where those people unable to come help Liveloula on location can still play their part, by sponsoring trees that our team will plant, by becoming a supporting member or one-time donator, helping us free up more land. 

This way we will be offering everyone a way to reduce some carbon footprint, generate less waste or improve a small garden. Besides all our ambitions, we also wish to continue growing healthy organic food and natural remedies and keep offering these for sale to our members and visitors.