Liveloula - Step back in to the natural world.


Even the humblest of creatures can evoke a great change.


Our Mission

Regenerating landscapes, building soils and creating a strong network of people with a wish to improve the way we walk the earth. That is our mission.

Our Story

Come, feel the heartbeat of mother earth, hear the pulse of nature, you too are Liveloula.

What Can We Do For You?

We want to let everyone experience what it feels like to gear down, reconnect with nature and feel the abundance that can be found within simplicity.

Latest Posts

Liveloula Invites You!

Liveloula Invites You!

Dear you!!! After the last snow melted, yellow, white and purple flowers appear everywhere, big black bees are already scouting for calendula flowers that survived the frost and the first lizards are sunbathing on the rocks. This summer Liveloula will be hosting...